Due to fluctuating restrictions because of Covid, we are only planning 7/8 weeks ahead

Please read our club guidelines and grading system before you join us for a climb.

The meeting place depends on the area of the walk, if you are a club member you will receive an email about details. Check our Facebook page by pressing the button below to see recent walks we have done .


Walk Grading

Explanation of terms

Cumulative ascent = add all the uphill pieces together

Height exposure = walking in places with sheer drops.

Scrambling = places where you will need to use your hands to climb, it’s somewhere between hiking and rock climbing and usually involves height exposure.

Ridges = walking or scrambling/climbing in narrow places with sheer drops each side.


Easy Walks over hills and moorland ascending to a maximum of 500m, Relatively short distances at a gentle pace, usually 3 - 4 hours, a moderate level of fitness is required.  Example - Torc



Easy club walk on Seefin

Moderate Cumulative ascent of 700m or more, 10 to 15 km long on uphill ground with little height exposure. Moderate pace. A fairly good level of fitness is required. Example - Purple Mountain


Hard Cumulative ascent of  1000 m or more. 10 to 15 km long on steep ground.  Faster pace with some height exposure and the possibility of scrambling. A good level of fitness is required and it’s not suitable for novices. Example- Carrauntoohil via The Devils Ladder


Very Hard Cumulative ascent of 1000m or more, 10 to 20 km long on very steep ground, fast pace and usually height exposure and scrambling. A high level of fitness is required and it’s not suitable for novices. Example -The Reeks Walk.

Very hard club walk, crossing a ridge in the MacGillycuddy Reeks

A Summers Day on the Reeks


Founded in 1966 and based in the Laune/Kiilorglin area in Co. Kerry.


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